Security Problems, Or Problems Because Of Security?

I have been spending more and more time with Saskia, most often at her house, and where the whole family has practically welcomed my presence. I come often at any hour and the door is always open. But somehow it seems, the problem is not with coming, it’s about leaving.
For a couple of times now, whenever I call for a cab to go home (which would be past midnight for average), the security guard who is in charge of the main portal to the complex always harrases me indirectly. At one point, the cab driver (for whom I am becoming a quick reguar) was denied entry, and he had to walk to Saskia’s house to pick me up.
The next incident was when the taxi left the complex, the security guard actually came to the driver window and scolded me; “If you’re visiting someone’s house, be wise about the time! Now if you want to call a cab, you better walk to the portal.” I gave him a cross, blank stare as a response. The person became more and more on my nerves, as it already felt he had bad sentiments towards me. But then still, I tried to think from his perspective, trying to analyze what I might of did wrong. So the next time I went home from Saskia’s, Saskia asked one of the house helpers to wait for the taxi at the portal to make sure the taxi was allowed access. We thought this was the end of this.
Tonight, well, more precisely this morning, I arrived home at about 1.30 AM, and I am still up writing this post because I had to blow off a lot of steam because of my anger. Just when we thought there wasn’t going to be a problem with the security guard, he harrased me AGAIN. “Hmm, this is becoming a habit. I thought I told you to walk to the portal when looking for a cab!” I gave him the same cross, blank stare, but my instincts were inches away from either giving him a lecture on human rights, ethics and courtesy or a good punch in the larynx (yes, it’s meant to be painful). The cab driver, on the way to my home, mentioned that I am not the only one who orders cabs at that hour to that complex, and there have never been problems. If the security guard didn’t want cabs coming into the complex, he should have been consistent and not open the portal for the cab, right? Finally, I found no fault in what I was doing, and that this was a deliberate act of prejudice or bad sentiment. I have been spending the last hour or so analyzing, all the while calming myself down, but also creating scenarios in my head on how best to handle this. Usually, I don’t care about people like this, God knows we all have our share, but this guy is unavoidable. He must be handled.

What do you think, guys? I really hope I can find what made this guy act like that in the first place, but it has gone too far and therefore the reason is irrelevant. But do share your thoughts…

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