Days Breezing Past

I used to write in this blog every day, then almost every day, then not really every day… days to weeks, almost to months (although I never let it go over a month)…
Yes, I’ve been busy as usual, and moments that previously were used to fill this blog, are now better spent with the loved one… not undermining this blog, and how it states things about me, but it seems that the theraputic effect of writing has finally kind of finished its phase (although I would think not entirely, never entirely), and I have moved to a new stage in life: stop writing and start living. Perhaps when I’ve got the ‘living’ part done, I can enter a new phase of my writing… I’ll just have to get through this first.
It’s the fasting season, yet it has gone by much, much faster than previous years. The level of activity at work really has risen; although I have one assistant to help me out with some specific tasks, it seems that my work still seems endless. I’m curious on how I pulled it of for the first 2 years on the job…

I am happy, and hopefully generally happy for a long time…

About barijoe

Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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