Car Trouble!

Yes, one of the caveats of owning a car that is literally as old as you, is that it needs constant attention, repair, and maintenance. I have an allocated budget (although limited) for these needs, and from that money, when nothing else needs immediate attention, I spend on fixing the less-vital parts (or in other words, less-attended parts) of the car. Right now I was in the middle of replacing some parts on the suspension.
Now, suddenly as it always is, the car has died on me. The battery apparently has lost its charge, and is not responding to recharging by the car itself. Short of trying to give it a boost of recharge from somewhere else, I’m pretty damn sure that the battery needs replacing.
So, after a lot of car pushing, tinkering and profanity, I think I better go look for that replacement battery soon.

On a side note…
The first time the car broke down, I was filling gas at one of the gas stations right under Semanggi interchange. It couldn’t start after I filled it up, so I unceremoniously pushed the car to the side so as not to get in the way of the already-honking driver behind me. And can you imagine my reaction when nobody from the gas station helped me push the car aside? I mean, I was a customer 2 minutes ago, and I was in the way of them getting to their next customer. From experience, I knew the car just needed a little push to get back home, but even when I asked for help, nobody even moved (even when they were not doing anything). Maybe I should have sprayed money into their faces to get them going?
I’m not sure if I’m overreacting or not, but I’m pretty sure that any time the car broke down or needed a push, someone was always there just to give it a push to get it off the street, and I always did the same when I saw a broken-down car in the middle of the street (well, when I’m on foot, anyway). It’s common courtesy, I think. On the other hand, maybe I should really think whether I’ve done enough selfless deeds for my fellow man…

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