Back To The Real World, And The Endless Stream Of Paperwork

After living almost the past 2 weeks in dreamland, and not really touching on work issues, today is my last day in blissfull holidaze, and tomorrow I must return and pay my dues to the real world to make sure I have a paycheck waiting for me later this month.
The family trip to Pulau Umang, although not entirely memorable, was much cherished because of the company than the place itself. I’d recommend the place to people, but I’d also recommend they spruce up a little bit, heheh. I got to do a lot of reading (and sleeping; a staple activity on holiday), and even got to swim in the sea (and actually see the sand you’re walking on while wading). The rest of the holiday was almost spend driving around, considering the combined schedule of me and Ari, and the distance between Serpong and Jakarta.

I’m a bit dreading at the issues I have to handle tomorrow (I have no idea what, but I’m sure it involves a lot of paperwork), but I want to come in early and start detailing the plans for 2007. Anyway, bad or good, a fresh start (and a fresh attitude) is always important, and part of me actually can’t wait to get back to work and clear all the ruckus currently hovering in the industry.

Happy new year, everybody! Don’t know if it will be a great year or not, but I’ll sure as damndest do my best to make it so…

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One response to “Back To The Real World, And The Endless Stream Of Paperwork”

  1. mellyana says :

    halah sama pisan
    still can’t believe that I received phone calls that:
    1. reminds me that I have a class this afternoon *sigh* when I alrady have plan to chit chat with a friend
    2. request report(s)
    3. request to send this and that..

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