Testing Something While I Type This…

Finally, since I have been able to clear up some of my work and hand it over to more capable people, my workload has diminished (only juuuust a bit) for me to focus on what I’m supposed to do: create new business and make it profitable. Wish me luck ya…

I would also like to extend my sympathy to the victims of the sinking of the KM Senopati off the coast of Java, and the lost Adam Air flight, accidents involving a lot of lives and only happening within 2 days of each other…
Something is inherently wrong, because as most Indonesians here think, obviously the accidents still had strong roots from rampant corruption and ignorance occuring on various levels of society. Nobody cares about others anymore, let alone the well-being of the country. The people that we should look to to lead or give example consistenly disappoint us; but nothing we do ourselves try to fix the problem. Nobody wants to start.

I will start. This I promise. I will care more for my people and my country. As long as I can get my full of meals, have a nice place to stay, get a steady supply of CDs, drive my car around everywhere…. ah, forget it. I’m just like the rest.

The least we can do, for now, is ask: what can we do differently?

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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