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Last Day, New day

So yesterday was Saskia’s last day at her previous office, the local office of one of the major international labels. She has worked with them for 3 years, and considering various developments, old and new, she decided to move to the local office of a prominent music magazine. I took 5 minutes yesterday morning to write her a goodbye email for her to send to her soon-to-be ex-coworkers, and she ended the day with mixed feelings.

It’s never easy leaving or to be left, and I know how she feels. I almost went through it myself last year, accepting an offer at a teclo but declining at the last minute. My heart still went with my current tasks (and not the new ones), so I felt I still had to stay and see what I could do right now, here and now. For the profoundly life-shaping decisions, I follow my heart and gut, and so I stayed, knowing full well that telcos pay better :P.

For better or for worse, sometimes we just have to leave our comfort zone to try learn something new at a new place. A new place of work does not necessarily mean a better workplace, but at least we have a new environment to grow with. Of course, make sure the move is actually better in some way; closer to home, better hours or better pay.

I always told my friends, don’t let work define you; you can do any sort of work and still be you, but apparently, like a lot of things in my life, my words came back and bit me. I am a music man, and for the time being will always be a music man.

Saskia, good luck at the new workplace ya :-*

Multiple Choice Test

Consider this… if we ask someone to do something for his or her well being, and they don’t do it, is it:
a. the person doesn’t listen to you; or
b. your request was actually selfish or ridiculous in the first place; or
c. it’s actually not in anyone’s interest?

Think about this… if a motorcycle cuts you off harshly on the road, what would you think?
a. that guys must be in a hurry; or
b. (^$*&^*@*@^ motorcyclist!!!; or
c. it’s the way it has always been, what can you do about it?

No score table to refer to, just see what you actually answer 🙂

Delayed Take-Off

Today is supposed to be the first day of the company outing to Bali, but apparently the flight has been delayed 6 hours! Due to the many transportation accidents earlier this year, the government is keeping a tight noose on the airlines, thus it takes time to rectify and double check any problems. The delays are increased with the reality that most budget airlines operate only one plane for one route; if the backup plane (which is a bakcup for all routes) is under service, then automatically we have to wait until the plane we’re supposed to use is repaired and approved for operational duty again.
The small number of people (including me) who chose to go to the airport together from the office were the lucky ones. Most of the office decided to go to the airport direct, making them face the prospect of spending 6 hours at the airport (oh, joy). So I’m back on my laptop doing some work until it’s time to go to the airport…

On the positive side… there is some good news coming soon, but I don’t really want to make it public yet (although some friends have spread the word, because they are so happy for me)… but wait ya… when the time comes, all will be clear.

Pray for us ya 🙂