Last Day, New day

So yesterday was Saskia’s last day at her previous office, the local office of one of the major international labels. She has worked with them for 3 years, and considering various developments, old and new, she decided to move to the local office of a prominent music magazine. I took 5 minutes yesterday morning to write her a goodbye email for her to send to her soon-to-be ex-coworkers, and she ended the day with mixed feelings.

It’s never easy leaving or to be left, and I know how she feels. I almost went through it myself last year, accepting an offer at a teclo but declining at the last minute. My heart still went with my current tasks (and not the new ones), so I felt I still had to stay and see what I could do right now, here and now. For the profoundly life-shaping decisions, I follow my heart and gut, and so I stayed, knowing full well that telcos pay better :P.

For better or for worse, sometimes we just have to leave our comfort zone to try learn something new at a new place. A new place of work does not necessarily mean a better workplace, but at least we have a new environment to grow with. Of course, make sure the move is actually better in some way; closer to home, better hours or better pay.

I always told my friends, don’t let work define you; you can do any sort of work and still be you, but apparently, like a lot of things in my life, my words came back and bit me. I am a music man, and for the time being will always be a music man.

Saskia, good luck at the new workplace ya :-*

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One response to “Last Day, New day”

  1. ikansapi says :

    good luck ya Saskiiii 🙂

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