The Official Krayola Website

Guys, if you have time, feel free to visit The Official Krayola Website. It’s something I whipped up using iWeb, because, frankly, I’ve lost my touch a bit using Dreamweaver, my former weapon for constructing websites.
Last Friday I had to make a new HTML page for one of the projects I’m doing, but I had some help with the graphics and my HTML editing was slow at best; I forgot all the shortcuts and principles I used to use when making HTML layouts. I was planning to make the Krayola website next, but the task of going though the usual process was daunting. My fingers were simply not that lithe anymore using the standard applications I used to use.
After a visit from Saski and her parents to my house in Serpong, I kicked back and tried my hand with iWeb. I always knew about it, but for a former web designer, using one of those easy one-click applications to create a website was simply shameful, haha! It’s like trying to create an attention-getting flyer using Word, and I always thought that iWeb was similar to Microsoft Frontpage, which really really tries to make web publishing easy but loses everyone in the process.
iWeb, of course, is the Apple solution for “the internet for the rest of us”. It’s as simple as putting together a presentation on Powerpoint, and it helps you get the links, pictures and other stuff organized well; and there’s a lot of templates you can work with (not necessarily just graphic templates, but things like podcast page, photo page, blog and so on).
So it took me about 2 hours to construct and edit the Krayola website as you see it now, with a few minor changes along the way.

It’s not mind-blowing cool or anything, but it should serve its purpose for now.

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