I think it’s been quite a while since I really, really ranted, complained and cursed on my blog. Really long time. But the period comes and I just complain about everything, and not without reason.
According to a lot of people, I am noticably more stressed out than I usually am, and for very good reasons. Work has been a total hell; the pressures of a multinational music company expecting more and more sales in a declining and 80% piracy market is finally taking its toll. All hopes are for digital music to eventually take up most of the business, but the current state of things is a total mess. Partners are uncooperative, thinking they own the music business (which they don’t), other parties are just trying to make a quick buck by suing everybody and see who breaks down and pays. On the consumer side, a lot of people are complaining why MP3s should be protected from copying when CDs are not (which some are, and in a lot of cases the CD medium, which is already 20 years old, was complained by consumer rights boards because the protected CDs could not be played on some computers. People do not even remember that the CD format was widely used way before CD writers were commonplace, so it’s sort of an outdated format), and wanting high-quality music for free. Of course, the same people would buy high-quality clothing or electronics for the premium price, but why pay for music, right?

All of this is piling in my head, not to mention all the expectations of my company (and my bosses)… hmm….

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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