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Today, I’m waking up early for a photoshoot… a friend was supposed to help me out with the costumes and stuff but she bailed out on totally the last minute… Of course, I can manage, I guess, but ‘bad planning’ comes to mind, and I can’t help feeling disappointed. But then again, what can I do? Many things hold priority over tagging along for my photoshoot with Saskia.

I must be hungry. Things will be better after I eat, I guess. So now I’ll just fantasize about a prospective new computer purchase intended for home use. The new iMac looks cool… not particularly cool on the pocket, though. Anyone need some English-Bahasa Indonesia translations, or a freelance bass player?

Review: The Bourne Ultimatum

Category: Movies
Genre: Action & Adventure
Before we go to the storyline, we really should take a look at the cinematography. Many people describe ‘cinematography’ as really great landscape shots, or those close-up shots that tell you what the person is feeling, or those ‘art’ shots where everything is beautiful and somehow compositioned. I say, better expand that definition, guys; the best cinematography, other than giving you stunning visuals, brings you the story more than the dialogue can, thanks to the creative collaboration of the director and the cinematographer. Thumbs up for this movie; every moment I really felt the tension, not because the car crashes and firefights were done in picture perfect clarity, but the camera did its own interpretation of the tension as well. It just shook, fell, went out of focus in tune with the action on the screen.
As for the story… also a thumbs up. The intricacies, the conspiracies, the tension, all there… the only thing leaving me wondering was, since it’s such a good movie, how come I don’t hear puritans screaming ‘it’s totally different from the book’ (which it is, anyway)? I seemed to get a lot of those complaints for ‘Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix’. Well, maybe, not many have read the books.

I recommend everybody to get to reading…

Krayola @ SOUND 62, Mangga Dua Square

We got a gig at Mangga Dua Square (again) for an Independence Day event, Sound 62… the sound system was much, much better that day. Here are some photos. But I guess, for band pictures, once you’ve seen the pictures of us live, you’ve seen them all, hahaha… just background changes. Hopefully we’ll be able to get some video of us live some time in the future.

Always Providing Options

Out of habit and nessecity, any time a friend, colleague or loved one is faced with a problem or decision, I always try to help provide options to work it out; I always apply this to my work as well (just to be sure, so whenever there’s only one solution to a problem, I’m pretty confident that it is the only one). The options are always dependent on choices, limitations and goals related to the problem or decision.

But then again, I always need help to make sure all options are laid out. So… help.

Aftermath Of Friday (And Saturday)

Early Sunday morning, me and Pietter were already on our way to Plaza Semanggi to meet up with Eriz, for the trip to Bogor. We intend to continue our recording session with Krayola there, and Sunday was the only day this month our schedules matched for a full-day trip. More details at Krayola’s official website.

Eventually, the problem at the office was solved, due to the hard work and patience of Eja and Intan, and I’ll be sure to at least treat them to lunch or dinner some time. Thanks guys!

As for the bass…. I still haven’t thought of it. Maybe I’m trying not to think of it. I only got as far as, maybe I should put up an ’emergency bass replacement fund’ on my blog to receive any donations, hahaha… but seriously, what do you think?

F***ed Up Day

This morning, Saskia called to give me some bad news: the electric bass I had asked a friend to help fix was robbed out of his car last night, along with the guitar effect in the same bag, and his iPod. To this minute, I still don’t know how to react to that news, considering that the bass came along with quite an effort. But on the fringes of my mind, I feel sad…

But I had to block it out for the day. There was a lot happening at work, lots of details, meetings and deadlines to meet. So I put it aside for the day…
In the meantime, the office was running a contest to send a winner overseas; but many complications came out of the project, a lot of them unforseen, but a lot of basic elements caused it, as the program was a bit forced from the start by my superiors. I don’t want to play the blame game, but I’m pretty sure that somebody will. I feel sorry for Eja; she took the brunt of the problems and confided in me, where I should be helping her. I don’t know if I helped enough, and I don’t think she got enough support from elsewhere, frankly. Save your ass to save it another day, I guess.

I’ll see if I can work out the problems tomorrow, as it is only tomorrow we can work it out.

Meanwhile, the fact about the lost electric bass still remains in its box, untouched…

One Hour And Counting…

We left the office at about 7. Pitty and Okis wanted to take a cab home, so I obliged. One not-so-short snooze later, WE’RE STILL ON THE ROAD! And the road is filled by increasingly impatient people wanting to reach home. But at least, we’re not so far now…