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The Bigger Picture

The older we are (which essentially means the wiser we are, not by age), the more we see of the bigger picture; usually brought on by lessons learned or revelations witnessed. It doesn’t have to be a sea-splitting event, but small things like getting your paycheck on time every day (a lot of us forget, that is something we should be grateful of), drinking a cold bottle of green tea, or getting an unexpected but welcome call from an old friend.

The bigger picture, so to speak, is how we view ourselves in the world and how the world interacts with us; so it would sum up work, life, home, and so many other aspects of life. How we create our ‘picture frame’ of our version of the bigger picture, differs from one person to another; some push their careers and let the other factors fall in line, some turn to God, some do this, some do that… and it’s all OK. We shouldn’t judge people on how or what they pick; then again, we shouldn’t judge people at all.

One of the hardest things to learn growing up is facing the fact that you can’t have everything; nothing can ever be perfect; that comprimise is the best currency for relationships available; and being grateful even for all the shit you get in life. I think these points form my picture frame, and I have to remember this mindframe every single second.

I just hope this blog post doesn’t go off as a ‘holier than thou’ thing and remains a medium to share my thoughts with the world. A blog doesn’t always have to be full of complaints, tribulations or reviews.

Why Should I Care Anymore?

Every morning (or even late at night, almost at bedtime) there is always something that pisses me off about work. ALWAYS. It ends up making the whole day like shit. So why should I care anymore? Why why why?

A Step In A New Direction

The obvious routine of many years back will soon come to a close; the sole accompaniment of TV news or some music from the computer will be changed soon. Breakfast will become an event, not an afterthought; dinner will be as eventful (and lunch, will still be lunch). Of all the things I have either conciously or subconciously wanted, the main theme would be a change for the better. That is what drives me ahead. Whether I make the wrong choice or the right one, it is still better for me to push ahead, rather than go blank and wither in the same spot all over again.

I don’t think I’m a risk taker, but I admit I do take calculated risks; don’t throw away the boat for something that’s still remotely possible, I say. Gambling is frowned upon anyway in my religion, especially gambling with your life. Risk taking, however, is a part of life and part of how you learn things (especially if you fall flat on your face). And, as they say, anything that happens, has a hidden lesson in it. You just have to look for it.

As with many major decisions in my life, there has always been guidance from above to form opinion and reinforce my confidence in the decision, after considering all factors. Nothing’s going to be perfect, but it’s going to be great!

So as a step in a new direction, I am now officially engaged with Saskia 🙂. We will post details about the marriage date as soon as possible.

Wish us luck 🙂