There Are Less Motorcycles in Solo

Yes that’s right! Even in a predominantly motorcycle-driving provice like Central Java, and the relative size of Solo, we don’t see teeming masses of motorcycles, and naturally, they are less, um, aggresive in getting way. There was always an incident or two where the motorcycle drivers would go around without helmets, go the wrong way or refuse to stop even though a collision is almost immenent… but the scale is simply much smaller than chaotic Jakarta.

Well anyway, I’m not posting to complain about motorcycles.

My dear friend Tickz had her wedding in Solo on Friday, 21 December 2007, so me and Sas took the opportunity to do some travelling to an unfamiliar city. We arrived 21 Dec afternoon after our flight was delayed 2 times (!) and after an extended afternoon nap, we attended Tickz’ wedding in the evening. It was huge! There must of been 1000 people there. I forgot to bring the camera so did not take any pictures.

We did, however, take pictures on the following day, going around Solo (and buying souvenirs for the family). Here’s the pictures! I hope they’re more attractive than my words.

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One response to “There Are Less Motorcycles in Solo”

  1. Aulia says :

    Some of those pics are more attractive than you

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