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Creating A New Life

well, it’s a step anyway. Early this month I and Sas decided it would be best to house-sit my brother’s empty house at Cinere (which is about 25 km from central Jakarta) and start saving up to eventually buy a new house of our own. I estimate it will take us about 2-3 years for us to collect enough savings (and accumulate all the furniture needed for the house), considering that we do not pay out any rent at the Cinere house (thanks, Ari).

The house itself has been empty for quite some time after the previous tenants did not continue their lease, and since it’s pretty far off from the white collar districts, it was a bit hard to get new tenants. My parents and my brother provided us the option of staying there (and taking care of the house) rather than we go off and lease out a house. Leasing a house closer to the central business district is pretty expensive, so although we would spend more on gas, we would definitely be able to manage other costs better.

Now, the question is, is my ancient Corona 2000 going to survive the daily traffic jams (2+ hours each way)? We’ll just have to see.

We’ll post some pictures of the house (and our layout) after we’re done; officially, we’ll be living there starting February 1.

The First Look

This is the first single from my currently favorite band, RAN…. I do like them! Even though you might say I’m not being objective as I am involved with the band’s album… but really. They’re great, see for yourself, and let me know what you think.