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Just While We’re In The Geek Moment

This is the speedtest result of my previous internet connection, Indosat M2. Really fast but limited by quota. Am thinking of moving to a prepaid package…

Better Internet Connection

Admitting that a good internet connection at home is important for a wholesome life is as much as admitting that you’re a total geek. Well, I’m a geek and proud of it (why not be proud of it?) and with that I’ll show off my internet speed at home, courtesy of Fastnet.

I’m Pissed Of Now… Finally

From the first day you met me, you were full of disregard and underestimation towards me – somehow, that lasts until now, although perhaps in a different way. Is it because your ego can’t accept that maybe, just maybe, we’re actually equals?
If it’s a pissing contest, I concede, I was never any better at you, just different. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. We all, however, have our egos as well.
Funny thing is – you don’t like it when people underestimate you… but do you see how you’re treating me? And all I have ever done is stand by what I think is right, and help. Including helping you. Yet you keep patronizing me.
Why does everybody have to follow what you think? There’s no right or wrong, man, there’s just choices. Your choices and way of thinking do not necessarily apply to somebody else – so don’t judge everyone else because they don’t agree with you.

I have never broken a promise to support, and I have always offered support. What have you done? Twist words around and around. Stop and think, and look at what you’re doing! The big picture doesn’t stop at you.

Now, after almost 10 years, i’m finally pissed off, really pissed off. You reap what you sow. If you think I’m treating you like shit, well, try asking yourself, are you treating me like shit?? Try analyzing yourself for once, instead of praising yourself all the time.

It’s not about what is owed in return, but it’s about principle – mutual support. I don’t see that, I don’t feel that. Not in the 10 years past, and not now. So full of yourself, eh?

So when it comes to reminding of obligations, you just breeze it off and talk about what you want from me. Take, take, take… with no appreciation whatsoever. I’m not one to bask in appreciation, adoration from others, but well, there’s a limit, right? Is it normal? Is it human? Try picturing this happening to you.

Let me give you some business advice: try to see what you and your client can achieve together, and you reap your rewards and gain a loyal client through it. Don’t just think what the client can do for you.

Hopefully you know who you are if you’re reading this. This is a warning. Come 14th March, things will change.