Open Survey About Gadgets, Please Read!

Guys, help me out here.
We live in a comparatively technological world now, where almost everybody in urban areas use handphones, use the internet, send SMSes like there’s no tomorrow, and more or less use technology to help us in our daily activities.

But do you think you are making the most of what your phone can do? Are you using the right PDA? Do you wonder on what’s the best deal for a mobile internet connection? Are you confused on which iPod to get?

The objective of this small survey is to get an idea on how much we use modern technology as a part of our everyday lives, and the extent of the use.

Do you have any of these gadget-related questions? Let me know by posting a comment on this post.

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

5 responses to “Open Survey About Gadgets, Please Read!”

  1. Ari Tamat says :

    Oh yeah man! I use almost every feature on my phone. I use: email, SMS, internet, camera, e-wallet, RFID train pass, GPS navigation, and flash card memory. I don’t use: MP3 player (clunky and slow syncing), the cartoon instant messenger (generally don’t do chat).

  2. mellyana says :

    well, no, i don’t question my gadget choice. i love gadget, but most of it, i love to utilize it as it is.

    other than phone and text, I used my 4-years-old phone for chatting and blog-walking but not email. something happened with email setting.

  3. Aulia says :

    Not sure how much more I can use my phone. Voice, video, text, email, twitter, internet, modem, blog, file storage, file transfer, take photos & videos, instant messaging, send MMS, take notes, address book, calculator, stop watch, timer, calendar, task list, memo, voice recorder, gaming, alarm, flashlight, …

    I don’t use the phone for music. For that I have an iPod. Which I also use for file storage/transfer, calendar, gaming, address book, mirror, and clock. Older iPod. No photo/video/notes. It’d be doing those if it could.

    Don’t ask what I use my MacBook for. Too many to mention.

    Here’s a gadget question, how come no one’s invented holographic emitters for personal comm links?

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