Water Is King

(Originally posted Dec 11, 2005)It’s the rainy season in Jakarta, and the new King has arrived.Whatever happens, when the water comes, everybody just stops. They stay in their buildings, they stop their cars on the street… giving a moment for the new King to pass. Why?Because, when it rains here… IT REALLY RAINS.when it starts raining hard… the defunct drainage system just lets the water flow onto the streets, even the main roads (yes, including those big four-lane roads)… motorcyclists stop under flyovers for cover from the rain… thus creating a city-wide traffic jam. the motorcyclists on a 2-lane road take up one lane (as there are tens of thousands of motorcylces in Jakarta), not to mention the flood, which can break down most of the older cars rolling in the street… as if we don’t have enough of these traffic jams on usual sunny days…so if it’s raining outside… better to stay in.. or take your chances… taking forever to go where you’re going to.plis deeeeh…


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