Jakarta Chills

When I first moved to Jakarta, I was expecting to have to tolerate the hot, humid weather forever permeating the landscape. With all the pollution, traffic, people, and lack of greenery, what would you expect, right?I was so wrong.Jakarta is cold, especially if you spend most of your time indoors in malls or offices, or even taxis. Yes, even the taxis, where they put the aircon so low the driver has to wear a jacket inside the car. Not to mention the office buildings – people routinely put sweaters or jackets at the office – and of course the malls. And the malls are sometimes even colder, although you wouldn’t be able to tell seeing all the girls in tank tops walking around (and apparently not feeling cold).You would think that the aircon would be used to bring the room temprature to a manageable level, right?Plis deh! Now I have to freeze my ass off indoors and sweat like a pig outdoors.


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