The Well-Intentioned Demonstrations… Maybe

Yang namanya demo di Jakarta udah jamak banget ya… demo masak, demo pembersih lantai, sampai demo kenaikan BBM. Dan demo-demo yang lain, yang sepertinya harus berlokasi di daerah Bunderan HI, depan MPR/DPR, Sudirman/Thamrin, dan sesekali di depan salah satu kedutaan.Pasti ada aja yang diprotes… kalo protes harga-harga naik, masih OK lah, walaupun sebenernya kan pasar kita udah market-oriented economy, jadi harga-harga sebenarnya ditentukan pasar, bukan pemerintah. Jadi protes ke siapa? Mau balik ke jaman pemerintah ngatur semuanya? Ga mau juga kan. Ada juga protes anti-pornografi dan pornoaksi….. and at the same time, some guy selling tabloids on a side street near the location is selling tabloids which are on the verge of pornography.There’s also the time where a certain religion-oriented so-called defense front (I think you all know what I’m talking about) mobbed an embassy because said embassy’s country had buildings and murals that offended their religion. Dudes, get a life! Masih banyak yang bisa diurusin selain mendemo sebuah bangunan yang bahkan kita nggak pernah liat.Dan pasti sekali sebulan mahasiswa turun ke jalan memprotes pemerintah, how bad they are working, bahwa pemerintah harus turun karena harga BBM mau naik atau apalah. With no real solution as to what happens after that.And the one thing about these demonstrations for all travelling Jakartans – MACET! When’s the last time we even remembered what today’s demonstration was about? It used to make a big statement – now everyone who wants to be heard instantly thinks they should just drag some people to Bunderan HI and bam! National statement, televised.Whatever the cause, you really need to find some other way to communicate (maybe write a blog, guys?), because it’s just not working anymore. It only makes the city more gridlocked than it already is…Ujung-ujungnya complain gue cuma satu: demo bikin macet, dan jadinya banyak orang ga peduli juga demonya ngomongin apa.Plis deh….


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