May I Cut This Line? Please?

Whether on the road, in line at the checkout counter, or queuing up for a Transjakarta ticket, or even waiting for the bus to arrive after you bought said Transjakarta ticket, a lot of Jakartans have a knack of cutting lines.Even in heavy traffic the guy behind you (plus five motorcycles) always try to overtake you, even though they can see a mikrolet slowing everybody down. They utilize every light and sound tool at their disposal until they can overtake one car, then start the whole process again… and I won’t even start about the ‘cars with sirens’ (which will be relegated to another post).Then there’s the mother of three who in the middle of taking care of her two trolleys of groceries and her hyperactive children, she still manages to jump in line in front of you at the checkout counter when you’re considering buying batteries or chocolate (I’ll take the chocolate, thanks). If you start to give her the look she just ignores you because she’s so busy with her affairs. There’s also the chick who only has to buy lipstick or tampons and just gives a short smile while cutting the line in front of you while saying ‘boleh duluan ya’. Yeah whatever! I can wait here until the cashier actually comes to me.I myself even had an incident when in line for a Transjakarta ticket. The line was only 2 people long but this guy still cut in straight to the ticket counter, all smiles, leaning in just a bit to give money to the cashier. I said ‘Mas, antre dong mas’ and he only smiled apologetically while waving his hand to me. Tempers rised, but I didn’t say anything – yet. I just kept staring at him, dumbfounded by the lack of…. too many to mention, but when he noticed I was still staring at him he said ‘nggak usah pake marah dong’. Eh? You cut in my line, don’t even pretend to be sorry, don’t even know that it’s supposed to be wrong or at least improper, and I’m not supposed to be angry? So I said to him ’emang kenapa kalau marah???’ while passing him. I was too pissed to actually make a fuss about it, so I ignored him all the way to my bus stop.And I think everybody has a story of waiting in line to actually get into the bus. Even if some people actually try to make a proper line, there will always be some person who comes in the bus stop and just walks over to the access door. Then another. Then another. And another…. and their friends. So by the time the bus actually stops by, the line is screwed big time, and it’s every man for himself! Feet will be trodden, elbows will fly and the bus conductor will try (and fail) to organize the mob entering his bus. And when every does get in, everybody stays standing near the doors! As if there’s no other place to stand, even if there are empty seats at the end. So the mobbing happens again at the next bus stop…Then there’s always the motorcycle or car which always tries to push ahead in gridlocked traffic, even though it’s actually people like them who made the gridlock in the first place. And utter chaos ensues, and even more chaos as if the traffic is stuck, the more likely people will honk their horns in frustration (or even absent-minded relfex to honk if the vehicle in front of you is not moving).Surely a modern society like Jakarta can learn to wait in line properly? Plis dehhhhh…..

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