And I Still Ask… Why?

As for many Jakartan motorists, motorcycles and their riders are the bane of existence – including fellow motorcyclists. Check these points and tell me if I missed anything:

  • riding without a helmet
  • riding with more than 2 people on board
  • riding at night without turning the lights on
  • going against red lights
  • going against one-way roads
  • although still waiting for the red light, but strategically positioned beyond the red light line mark
  • riding on the pavement
  • making all sorts of noises for no apparent reason (horns and mufflers included)
  • unnecessary speeding
  • revving up the engine for no apparent reason
  • filling up any empty space possible
  • never stopping for pedestrians
  • never can wait in line – has to go ahead of everyone
  • carrying all sorts of stuff while riding a motorcycle – 50 kg bag of rice, 2×4 m wood panel, washing machine, 10 m steel rods, television, computer, home aircon, 24 live chickens, and so on

Did at some point motorcyles get written out of the traffic laws?

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One response to “And I Still Ask… Why?”

  1. yonan32 says :

    i have one magical word to explain them all: ignorance.

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