What Goes Up Never Goes Down

In an unsuprising decision, the Jakarta government is in process of approving a price hike for all public transportation tariffs in relation to the recent rise in gasoline prices (you can read the articles here and here). Yes, this happens every time the gas prices go up – no, let me rephrase that. This happens every time the government decreases the gas price subsidy. Basic foodstuff prices go up (since transport needs gasoline to keep sending food), the prices for public transport go up (as most of the public transport companies are private companies or cooperatives, and have to buy their own gasoline).So where do the subsidies go now? Shouldn’t it be used at least to subsidize better public transport, and encourage more people to switch to mass transit? Not to mention education, medicine, and trying to make sure our kids have a manageable world to live in…Plis deh….


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