CityGal Hates Senayan On Friday!

Well well,After the resurrection of this wonderful blog, my pal Joe Barry have been encouraging me to write again.  But since I’ve been rather busy trying to get over Jakarta’s mind boggling traffic (seriously, it took me two full weeks to recover from the stress for a one-day traffic jam), I’m just going to post one ponder every Jakartan must have but have yet to find a valid answer to:

“Why is it always MACET in Senayan Area when Friday Night comes?”

We’re talking 5 to 10 p.m. here, people.  It’s definitely way too early to go to X2, and if you check inside Plaza Senayan and Senayan City, they’re not as crowded as you might think, seeing the merriment on the streets.  Why of course because they have no intention on actually getting INSIDE the malls.  They prefer the comfortable car.  So I’m throwing another question out to fellow Jakartans:

“What do Jakartans really do inside their cars, voluntarily stuck in a heavy traffic, on a Friday night?

Is a new kind of urban-entertainment? Are they saying this to their partners? : “Oh look at the city in this traffic jam.  Isn’t this wonderful?”Anybody got answers to the questions?Geez, I thought oil prices are going up.  Maybe they meant BABY oil.PLIS DEH!

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