Save The Earth And Stop Using Your Motorcycle

The common wisdom is a motorcycle uses less gasoline compared to a car, especially an SUV, so logically the emissions from a motorcycle are even less. Right? Wrong.This article indicates that although motorcycles emit less CO, but they emit more NO2 which actually is worse for the air. Multiply that by 5000 new motorcycles per month (and that’s only Honda), and Jakarta is actually worse for wear. Take a look outside and look; I think you’d notice that pollution is actually worse. And the public buses that supposedly emit less emissions per capita compared to private vehicles are actually less well-maintained and spew out poison like nobody’s business, makes it worse.If we want to start helping save the environment, I recommend B2W or any alternate way to get to the office. But of course I’m a total hippocrate and I drive from home to office in the 2-hour traffic jams… car pooling, anyone?


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