They’re Looking To See If He Dropped Any Money

Odd Jakarta Fact #651:If there’s any form of accident in Jakarta, whether it is a burning buidling, car crash or anything else, crowds will form. Uniquely for Jakarta, especially for road accidents, people on motorcycles will swarm the accident site, sit there and look. Occasionally they don’t stop and pass by slowly to look, and jamming up the traffic behind them. And do nothing else… but stop and stare.


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2 responses to “They’re Looking To See If He Dropped Any Money”

  1. Mr. Scotch says :

    Because Indonesia is so poor that any (and i repeat, ANY) form incident that is unconventional to their daily life is worth watching. If you take a closer look, you’ll often time see an infant being held up by the mother atop the motorbike’s seat so that the kid could see… i don’t know, probably blood smearing all over the place.

  2. joebarry says :

    Kind of ironic ya? when there is so much entertainment available these days, like the sinetron, the ‘artis ibukota’… oh hang on, i get your point.

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