Check out this news item. Careful out there, bikers. You never know which frustrated driver is a gun-toting road-raged maniac. Or maybe the insignia can help identify which cars to avoid? Just a thought…. because a friend actually got into the same predicament a couple years back. The convoy brushed against his car, and when he complained, he got a gun waved in his face.We’re lucky that Indonesia doesn’t give right to arms like the US does, or else we’d be seeing more roadkill…


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2 responses to “Roadkill”

  1. rudy the horrible says :

    yah beberapa pengendara motor memang sudah layak dan sepantasnya di kasi pelor ..terutama mereka yang suka melawan arus, telpon, atau bahkan maen SMS ..ntar kalo ketabrak mobil, galakan dia ..

  2. joebarry says :

    well kalo udah baca2 posting2 sebelomnya pasti udah tau kalo gue agak anti motor, apalagi yg kelakuannya ga punya otak.tapi yg nyetir Yaris tsb kok agak ga punya otak juga ya.anyway, kalo kita semua pasrah dan apatis sama kelakuan banyak pengendara motor, kapan berubahnya?? ya gak? yaa… yuuuk.

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