Hoaxes As An Alternate Energy Source

I know this is not directly related to Jakarta, but… I just can’t help it.Scientists around the world are working on various methods for alternative energy sources: liquid coal, windpower, using the tide, hydrogen, ethanol and/or alcohol, liquid natural gas, and so on. Indonesia has its own version called “Blue Energy”. Here’s the latest news item on our homemade version of alternate energy soucres. Let me know if there are any other articles…I just feel really, really sad for this country. Even at times like these, there’s always someone who makes a mess of all things to make a quick buck.

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2 responses to “Hoaxes As An Alternate Energy Source”

  1. anads_1704 says :

    no offense, but probably if only we could feel what people in the lowest condition in jakarta feel, we could understand.again, probably, it’s just becoz they don’t have much choices. don’t even have anything to choose.then, making quick bucks is the only option to keep alive. is it?i can understand them. but not those who rich and yet close their eyes from others.so what can we do?

  2. joebarry says :

    thanks for the comment – and just to be a bit more serious here, this website was made with comedic intentions but a clear mission – so that we all open our eyes, again, to the strange things that make Jakarta. People are so busy with their own lives that they cannot see what is going on around them. We want to change that – in a fun way!it’s either that or we’re all cynics with nothing to do, ha ha ha…

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