Advice From An Expat [Site]

Take a look at this page (it’s a bit long, but skim over it), and while I was laughing at the beginning of the article on the suggestions – like “exercising common sense in your demeanor in public” – but it got serious when I read on…Hey, we should follow the advice! Rather ironic that the suggestions come from a blog for foreigners wanting to live in Jakarta. Apparently we don’t know our city as well as we should.


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3 responses to “Advice From An Expat [Site]”

  1. mantosz says :

    iya nih, kita musinya lebih ngerti tentang tempat kita tinggal ^^ but a friend once told me that in order too see clearly what your house looks like, you should step outside and see it from the outside and not the inside.cheers for šŸ™‚ great site

  2. joebarry says :

    iya, kalo kita di dalem rumah terus ngepel2in akibat bocor terus kita ga liat bahwa gentengnya udah lenyap ha ha ha….thanks mantosz, ditunggu sumbangan ceritanya. Sumbangan lain berupa uang, makanan, kopi juga boleh.

  3. mantosz says :

    pengen banget sih nyumbang.. tapi takut didenda ama pemda dki. hehe

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