Environment-Friendly Hazard Sign

Odd Jakarta Fact #261:A broken-down car in Jakarta, whether left behind in the middle of the street (yes, it happens) or on the roadside, usually has a twig of leaves to indicate that the car doesn’t work. Any sort of plant is applicable.So, Jakartans, I know you must see this every other day, but ever wonder why?

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3 responses to “Environment-Friendly Hazard Sign”

  1. rudy the horrible says :

    oh that old tradition …it dates back as far as I remember, usually at the north main route (pantura), it is so common that I no longer wonder why.I figures there are several reasons :1. The correct way is to put metal or plastic hazard sign (triangle with reflecting material) , but it won’t last 5 minutes, someone will steal it. But people are still using the reflecting triangle IF they don’t leave the vehicle unattended. Who would steal a branch of leaves ?2. By nature, cars don’t have branches hanging on their body, so if there are leaves, it suggests something unusual is happening.3. It is easily available.So there you are, EPA approved road sign ..

  2. joebarry says :

    nice analysis. kalo motor mogok dikasi daun juga ga ya?

  3. rudy the horrible says :

    kalo motor mogok mah biasanya di pinggirin atau di dorong….

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