Happy Birthday, Jakarta

478 years ago, some people thought it would be a good idea to formalize the existing mish-mash of buildings, market stalls and harbor into something named Sunda Kelapa. During the years the name would change to Batavia, then Djakarta (and dropping the ‘D’ after a fix on the phonetic and writing system for Bahasa Indonesia).Yes, this website is all about the quirky side of Jakarta (including ourselves, as the authors), but we love this city anyway – we’re loving relatives who bitch a lot, as opposed to the snobbish outsider. Just to prove the fact, we don’t do general comparisons with other cities (although we might do at some point, as long as it’s really funny – don’t depend on us on being consistent, haha) …Jakarta’s congestion is legendary, even outside Indonesia, also its high-density population. Jakarta is also the focal point of anything that happens in Indonesia – proof to fact; even the poor guys who got flooded by toxic mud by Lapindo in far-away Sidoarjo protested to Jakarta, and also the poor guys who got fired from PT Dirgantara Indonesia in far-away Bandung.Jakarta is also a symbol of hope for some people – and utter disappointment for others; somehow both appropriately symbolized in the Monas (the National Monument).So Jakarta, you’re a pain in the ass but I guess we wouldn’t have it any other way 😛

picture courtesy www.duelliscool.net

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