Look Ma, No Hands!

The cellular phone, or handphone, is certainly one of the modern miracles of the 21st century. Indonesia currently has 100 million subscribers approximate, mostly in the urban areas. The handphone itself has emerged as a subculture, with its own subset of conventions and rules, and various uses (which are happily snapped up by the handphone vendors and combined into their products, i.e. who would of thought phones with cameras would be something viable 10 years ago?). To make lives easier, the handphone vendors also created the hands-free headset, formerly with cables and now with Bluetooth.Yet with any technological breakthroughs, Jakartans seem to find a way to, well, misuse it.Let’s start with the cable hands-free.How many times have you seen people use their hands-free headsets, yet still hold the phone in their hands? It’s kind of pointless, right? Or better yet – the phone is in their pocket, but they still have to use their hand to keep the microphone – most often a small stub on the headphone cable – near their mouths. I don’t know who to blame, the designer or the user.Then there’s the Bluetooth hands-free. This gadget comes in various shapes and sizes, from the annoyingly obvious to the not-so-discreet, to the so-small-you-think-he’s-talking-to-you. But always, with a blinking blue light on some part of it, perhaps to show off that it’s a Bluetooth thingo. Yeah, use blue to do that.And we most often meet people wearing Bluetooth headsets at malls or other public places… and here’s the thing: out of all the people I see walking around with their Bluetooth headsets seemingly glued to their ears, I have never seen any one of them actually on the phone. Not one. Not even looking as if they are talking to thin air (which they would if they were on the phone). I mean, how busy are these guys, really? On the phone every minute perhaps, especially with today’s lower tariffs. Yeah, sure, that must be it. And another thing – a Bluetooth headset is supposed to keep your hands free to do anything else (hence the term hands-free), right? These guys are not even doing anything with their hands!! Well, maybe to hold their phones. D-oh!But you hardly see people using a Bluetooth headset – or a cable hands-free for that matter – when it should be needed most in public, like driving. Ever notice that? Some motorcyclists would actually prefer to send text messages while driving. Text. Messaging. While. Driving. Motorcycle. Oh, forget the hands-free, I’ll just text her while I’m driving my motorbike. Yeah, efficient. Call me a cynic but I don’t think those guys walking around at the malls with their Bluetooth headsets actually wear it when they’re actually driving.Plisssss dehhhhh…..

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8 responses to “Look Ma, No Hands!”

  1. kei says :

    driving -> carriding -> bike-grammar nazi-

  2. joebarry says :

    whaat???? you daaare correct my grammar??? 😛

  3. cutepanda says :

    have you met those people that uses bluetooth handsfree which circles the back of their ears and long-ish microphone? I have..walking around the mall, having nothing on his hands.. and he was not talking throug it… it looked so bloody big..Probably he’d been abducted by those startrek aliens, the borg, and was returned to earth with the bluetooth handsfree planted on his ear …

  4. Marisa says :

    People wear bluetooths?Gotta admit that I rarely saw anyone wearing hands-free bluetooth. The one they often use is that thing in your laptop that connects you to the internet.Perhaps it’s not a bluetooth. It’s actually a communication device to a spaceship aircraft.Stand closer to ones wearing it, if you listen really carefully, you’d hear them say:Dork to Enterprise.This is your Starfleet Commander speaking..Beam be back, Spock. This city is scarier than when the Klingons attacked us and humped our cows!

  5. heriyadi says :

    Have to defend myself in here :D. I do use my bluetooth in a mall, but only when I know I’m waiting important call and can’t miss that call, which is usually the case with me if I put my cell in my pocket I don’t hear the ring or even when I’m vibrate it I don’t feel it.And I do use my bluetooth when I’m driving.

  6. joebarry says :

    @marisa i think the flock of bluetooth-wearers have declined since the strange "are you an alien" looks they get in malls – but sometimes I still spot one or two. And nice Star Trek reference – you really never know which one of the esteemed jakarta residents is actually an alien :D@heriyadi haha good defense man. I use my bluetooth when I’m driving too.

  7. Marisa says :

    <blockquote>you really never know which one of the esteemed jakarta residents is actually an alien</blockquote>Surely one that is choking from breathing the air, Joe.:D

  8. Fishing Umbrella : says :

    bluetooth headsets are very nice and very comfortable because you don’t have those pesky wires-`~

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