And For What?

Yesterday’s aftermath:

  • 1 student got hit by a car
  • 2 other students wounded
  • 16 police wounded
  • 2 press members wounded
  • 8 damaged cars
  • 1 burned car
  • property damage at various locations
  • thousands of Jakartans caught in traffic, or having to walk home
  • combined pollution of the deadlocked traffic jam around Semanggi
  • other damage or wounds not yet documented

Dear student protesters, you are fighting a noble cause – yet you fight with no nobility. Yes, you may have the nation’s attention, but you definitely don’t have the nation’s respect.And to think, by this hour, it will all be forgotten because almost everybody will be waiting for a soccer game played far, far away.


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4 responses to “And For What?”

  1. Andra says :

    LOL!!! your last paragraph was so true.. i didn’t wake up this morning to think whether i should be going to the office or not just in case a riot might break out.. i was actually praying for germany to have a go at the final round 😛

  2. joebarry says :

    Yeah you said it man. These days it takes a lot just to get the attention of the mass, and it takes even more to make sure the right message goes through.Student protesters – those megaphones don’t work anymore, let alone setting stuff on fire.

  3. volver says :

    wow. haha. jakarta . jakarta. gak ada matinya loe

  4. Mr. Scotch says :

    ha ha ha. That particular injured student is probably cussing himself for what he has done, now he is in the hospital with no tv. He won’t be able to see the game of the year.

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