Where The [Money] River Flows…

WHAT??? Try reading this link. A bit ironic since it’s on a government website.Rp 5.6 trillion is such a big number, so let’s see if we can put it in perspective. Rp 5.6 trillion is roughly equal to:

  • let’s say the average high-end house in the Kemang area is Rp 2 billion, then we could buy 2.800 houses in the Kemang area. I guess that’s the whole neighborhood…
  • 11.000 brand-new Toyota Camrys
  • 500.000 motorcycles
  • 160 million Big Mac combos
  • 224.000 Macbook Pros – hey, I want one
  • 560 million packs of cigarettes
  • 1 biillion bottles of Nu Green Tea
  • 900 million pirated DVDs
  • 1 billion hours at the internet cafe
  • 2.2 million Nokia N73s

And maybe many, many more comparisons (submit your own!). And the article also states that the majority of the deviance is from “administrative findings”. So, go figure if the potholes in the road remain potholes, schools remain shockingly expensive, and a lot of people still live in poverty.

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