Fun Facts About Helmets

I’m compiling a list of fun facts about helmets in Jakarta, based on first-hand experience, observation and other stuff. Here we go:

  • most motorcycle helmets are made of the same plastic that is used to make water buckets. Pretty tough, eh?
  • the helmet straps are designed for easy unfastening – especially at high speed
  • foam padding is an added option on some helmet designs
  • the foam padding used in the helmet is the same foam used in sofas. Bet it absorbs impact very well.
  • you don’t really have to wear a helmet, not when there’s no police looking
  • helmets always have some sort of sticker design that makes it look fast. Yes, on the helmet. What’s the top speed of a helmet?
  • you can buy a helmet at your nearest Carrefour or Giant; but they also sell helmets at the roadside, complete with your choice of stickering
  • there’s usually a hook to hang your secondary helmet – either backup helmet or for a potential passenger – on the motorcycle, which is pretty secure. Until the helmet falls off your bike in the middle of the road.
  • to avoid that, you can also tie the helmet on the back seat with some rope or webbing. Until the helmet falls off…
  • last resort, you can put the helmet in a specially-fitted box, which is usually decorated with your motorcycle gang denomination sticker, and lock the key. Until a Kopaja comes by, crashes into the box and it falls off.
  • Helmets are imaginary, a figment of the imagination. You can protect your head with sheer willpower.
  • You can add wings to the top of your helmet; it makes your motorcycle go faster. Yeah, it looks cool too.
  • The protective properties of a helmet can be replaced by any other sort of head covering.
  • Helmets are optional in large groups of motorcycles.

Any additions?

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One response to “Fun Facts About Helmets”

  1. yodee says :

    apparently helmets also make your brain stop working. like making sharp left turn when the wearer are on the right lane, and vice versa. oh or… or… this is my favorite, wearer would cruise in the middle of the night with headlights off ON THE WRONG LANE. now, would people with brains do that?

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