Guard Thy House

Many Jakartans actually live on the very fringes – well, ok, suburbs – of Jakarta, and only have their workplaces there. This would cause massive commutes in the morning and in the evening every workday, and massive commutes on the weekend towards the malls (which are apparently the only source of entertainment for certain townsfolk).This also means the houses are unattended for most of the day. Jakartans do all sorts of stuff to guarantee the security of their houses, and the various riches they keep locked inside – like the 42″ plasma TV that only gets watched 2 hours a day. The most simple – and still effective – is the neighborhood watch, which actually means the neighborhood pools some money to pay for a couple of people who watch over their houses. The more elaborate hire satpam who guard the house 24/7, complete with uniforms, and advanced security systems with CCTVs or internet-controlled surveillance cameras.All this effort, and we still can’t keep the outdoor lightbulbs from being stolen!

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