Schedule Of Power Outages For Jakarta And Greater Jakarta

This time I won’t be funny. I’ll try really hard not to be funny. Really, really. The power outage thing is a serious thing, you know? The sheer amount of energy we use every day caused the poor saps at PLN to miss their growth projection and not be able to deliver enough energy for all of us.So check out these links, here and here, and see when your area is hit.Before you think that you can’t imagine 7 hours without the telly on, here’s an list of alternative activities you can do when the power is down:

  • a walk in the park. Which park? That’s part of the adventure, I guess, trying to find a proper park in Jakarta.
  • knitting, anyone? Very macho for me.
  • take a bike ride. Oh, buy the bike first.
  • Do some cooking – that’s if your kitchen is well-lit. If not… well, try not to use knives or stuff.
  • Play the guitar at the roadside, or maybe even a busy intersection. Who knows, maybe somebody will even give you money.
  • See how long you can play Flash games on your laptop battery before it runs out. Oh, make sure the warranty is still valid before you do.
  • Get together with your office mates at the building lobby and organize an impromptu choir.
  • Cut the lawn, dammit! The garden scissors do not need electric power.
  • and so on. Come on, don’t let me do all the thinking.

I’m still trying not to be funny. But laughing eats up less energy than being angry, so why not, eh? Then again you could be bored out of your skulls, where you use even less energy.

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2 responses to “Schedule Of Power Outages For Jakarta And Greater Jakarta”

  1. Patrick says :

    bring your chessboard (buy one first if you don’t have any) to the nearest warung kopi or warteg, challenge anyone their for a game of chess. Don’t forget to buy coffee or tea, it will be a long night..

  2. joebarry says :

    don’t forget obat nyamuk spiral he he he…

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