Equal Opportunity Without Equal Effort

Everybody’s sooo pissed in Jakarta. The stress level is so high, to the point that if a couple of motorcycles bump into each other on the road, it becomes fight. When a car bumps into a motorcycle, the surrounding people around the accident converge on the car and punch the lights out of the driver – unless, of course, he’s a bus driver, and the bus driver will mysteriously disappear.At a point in time, Jakarta was also notorious for the break out of fights between high schools, and for who knows what reason. They just hate each other. Everybody loved to hate.Hate still flies in the air – the so-called native residents of Jakarta are pissed at the amount of people from outside Jakarta who come to work, leaving them in the dust, and generally doing better off. The hate is thus channeled through riding in groups of motorcycles, waving their gang flags and in everybody’s faces and yelling at everybody to get out of the way. They also ask for rights to manage the parking in certain areas – big business, considering the amount of cars in Jakarta – which is a great job when you don’t really have to do anything. So these guys want the big money, but they don’t want to go through the mindless brain-freezing jobs other people go through to get big money. And they have the clout, somehow! Maybe because of the power of the threat – give us money or we’ll blow everybody’s brains out.Yet I’m surprised, these various gangs, which cause nothing but trouble, are still alive and healthy in a supposedly law-abiding country. Check that – we have the law books, we sort of know what’s inside, but we don’t care. So these groups still thrive in Jakarta at the expense of others…

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