Come Again?

One of the best things about using WordPress for this site is that you can track visits, how people arrived at this site, what search terms they used to get here, and so on. So here’s a screen grab of the search terms used, as of 5 minutes ago:


I can only say ‘huh?’ Let’s see if I can use all these search terms in one paragraph.

Going around Jakarta, of course you need peta jalan tol Jakarta, but if you’re not driving yourself knowing where to get Transjakarta ticketing. Keep in mind that because the PLN power shutdown schedule for Jakarta, some of the bus stops might be without proper lighting, but once you’re on the bus, you can see a slice of Jakarta, from the hots homos Indonesia to the most expensive bitches around. If you’re lucky, you can even overhear anggota illuminati di Indonesia tracking conspiracy theories about data pasar Surya Slims – sounds absurd, but what isn’t in Jakarta?

Hm. Can’t seem to use the word ‘rizzblow’.


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