Jakarta What Parade

To all its good intentions – really, somebody had to do it – the Jakarta Rock Parade failed to meet a lot of people’s expectations, even the bands who expected to get paid. Many of the high-profile bands who were scheduled to go on weren’t paid a downpayment on the performance (as is the standard procedure), so they boycotted the event with disgust. That, and the event was marred by mismanagement (the event organiser appointed to run the event almost backed off at the last minute, also due to payment problems) and even worse promotion. The event was quiet, to say the least.


One of the defunct stages, since a lot of the bands did not play. When there was a band playing, there was at least 20-30 stragglers around the stage watching with disinterest.


The merchandise stalls, which were just basically tables with stuff on top, really. But as you can see, The Police made an appearance although they forgot to bring their instruments.So, friends at the JRP committe – I know you tried, really, really hard, at one point even selling your handphone to pay a band; so thumbs up for effort. Thumbs down for actual result.


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One response to “Jakarta What Parade”

  1. Nosa Wonderbra says :

    Hell, i agree. They were really trying (trying is also an adjective of ‘to make someone piss off’) I actually saw Anda walk out after waiting for hours either for the payment or for the fixed schedule. Wonderbra was almost left the stage too, if it wasn’t because Mono. Mono was awesome! I would pay Rp 500.000 to see them for an hour. And if only the show was well managed, i believe lots of those walkout bands were willing to perform with low budget even free. Idealistic and anti-capitalistic parade would be really nice.

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