Lift Me Up, NOW – Act 1

Ever wait for a lift at one of Jakarta’s office buildings? There’s always some guy who keeps pressing the up/down buttons when the lifts take their time arriving at a certain floor. Yes, repeatedly pressing the button makes the lift go faster, sir, something like your Playstation at home. Keep pressing ‘Fire’ and you’ll kill all the bad guys at some point – thus it applies to the lift as well. Pressing more often will get the lift to your floor ever so quicker.Then there’s the guy who doesn’t repeatedly play with the buttons, but presses the wrong button. I.e.; on the Basement 2 floor, you’re supposed to press the ‘up’ button to get up to Ground, right? I have been mistaken all these years, apparently. You’re supposed to press the ‘down’ button to get the lift to come down to you. That’s totally logical. Except for the fact that the lowest floor, they only provide an ‘up’ button. How’d you figure that?


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