Lift Me Up, NOW – Act 3

Finally in the lift; bumped into an old lady who was going out of the lift, but who cares? I’m in the lift. Multitudes of blessings await me. But then, there’s always a guy who plays with the open/close buttons whenever the lift stops on any floor. ALWAYS. I almost got crunched by the doors getting in because this guy pressed the close button already, not waiting for everybody to finish getting on the lift. If he/she was the first person to get on the lift, they’d play with the buttons, except when there’s somebody running to the lift.  In this case, they just stare at the guy and leave the lift close on its own. Sometimes some guy would press the ‘close’ button right after someone got off, and also press the ‘open’ button repeatedly even before the lift stops at a floor. Any floor.

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

2 responses to “Lift Me Up, NOW – Act 3”

  1. uli says :

    tampar ajaaaaa

  2. joebarry says :

    pernah gue terhimpit pintu lift karena this guy who kept playing with the buttons. saking keselnya gue sampe bilang "udahlah, tombol2nya ga usah dipencet2!!"dia cuma bilang "kan gue justru ngebukain tadi"yeah right.

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