Lift Me Up, NOW – Act 4

Let’s pick a floor. Oh, pressed the wrong one, crap. Press again. There we go… I’ll just act stupid when the lift arrives on the wrong floor. Then comes in the guy who waits 15 minutes for the lift to get up or down one floor. ONE FLOOR! Jeez. Then there was the guy who before getting off the lift from B1 to G, presses all the floors before getting off. Another guy keeps pressing his floor button until he reaches his destination, probably a proficient computer games player. Well, finally I’m at my floor. Since I stood at the back of the lift, I have to go around people who seem immovable, even when I ask for a way out. That, and the fact that the guy playing with the open/close buttons almost crushes me with the doors when I finally step out of the lift.


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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

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