Where’s The Pig?


(Caption: Contains Pig)


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6 responses to “Where’s The Pig?”

  1. Aulia says :

    Euh, wha? *doesn’t get it*

  2. herru says :

    pig dalam kaleng?

  3. joebarry says :

    @aulia you don’t get it because you don’t see the pig. Then again I don’t get it hence the question "where’s the pig?"@herru maybe it’s one of those party favors, where you open the can and toy snakes jump out. But this time it’s a pig

  4. siska says :

    uhm.. so according to you the caption should say "mengandung DAGING babi" ?

  5. joebarry says :

    i don’t know, what do you think?

  6. al says :

    I think, you should translate it to "contains PORK".

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