Better Brush Up On My English

Saturday night, 9 PM, looking for a place for a nice dinner. We call L****’s, currently the hottest place in town to see and to be seen.1st call:Us: “Halo, bisa reservasi untuk malam ini?”Them: “Oh, malam ini penuh sekali…”Us: “Memang nggak bisa dapet tempat ya?”Them: “Ya kalaupun kita masukkan dalam waiting list, nomor urutnya nomor 45…”2nd call:Us: “Hello, is it possible to get a reservation tonight?”Them: “Oh, we’re very full tonight.”Us: “Are you sure you can’t squeeze us in?”Them: “Oh, well, actually we can, we just have to tell everybody that there’s a 35-long waiting list, when it’s actually only 8. I can put you in now.”Plis deh.

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Failed Musician, Reformed Gadget Freak and Eating Extraordinaire.

3 responses to “Better Brush Up On My English”

  1. uli says :

    ohh my… *ambil bensin buat ngebakar tuh tempat*

  2. yodee says :

    mother ******!!! what’s the name of this place? i will never have dinner there!

  3. Let’s Just Go To Burger King | Plis Deh Jakarta! says :

    […] for God’s sake. You don’t need an international franchise name to be a pretentious restaurant. Book Mark it-> | Reddit | Slashdot | Digg […]

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