Could You Draw The Curtains, Please?

One of my favourite shows on TV – if ever I actually can stand to watch some – is MTV’s Pimp My Ride. It’s not that I’m a car modification addict, I’m not – but the things they do to these old, beat-up cars are unbeleiveable. Their work elevates from standard car modding to works of art – I mean, what car mod shop would think of putting in a picnic table and stoves in a 1950s car? Or a massive, ear-crunching sub-woofer that nobody really needs? But the mods are creative, stylish (and usually painful on the eyes because of the colors and detailing) and always a laugh.Enter Jakarta car modifications. I get the spoiler sets, I get airbrushing – hang on, I get the airbrushing if the design is good. Jakarta has many promising artists but sadly the people commisioning the car airbrushing don’t have, erm, good taste so we’re left with multiple images of Batman on that Toyota Celica. C’mon, you can do better than that.I don’t get the loud mufflers – what are mufflers for? I don’t get trimming down your car so it just slides centimeters off the road – until you hit a pothole, not uncommon in Jakarta. I don’t get the massive sound systems which are always turned up to the max – who’s listening, the car’s occupants or everybody outside? And I find those flashing lights and strobes disturbing – you’d think the police are pulling you over seeing a blue strobe to find it’s a couple kids in a party car, spilling beer all over the seats and yelling at each other over the din of the sound system.Here’s the absolute kicker for me – curtains for car windows. What, do you expect you’ll be sleeping in your car one day, and need a bit of privacy? Or a quick change of clothes in the car,  because your friend just vomited all over you? Oh, probably for making out in the back seat, although the curtains are affixed to the front windows also. Don’t tell me it’s for covering up against the harsh sun – the maxed-out window tint film would do that for you. And you forget, the biggest windows of them all, the front and rear windshields – no curtain!

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