How To Tackle Environmental Problems In Jakarta

Hey kids, here are some sure-fire ways to help Mother Earth combat all sorts of environmental problems arising in Jakarta:don’t drive – your car pollutes!don’t take the bus – the bus pollutes even more!don’t take a motorcycle – even though the emissions are low, your bike combined with the 2 million others on the road equals… more pollution!don’t smoke – smoke is pollutiondon’t buy factory-packaged food – because more likely than not, the discarded package will end up in the river or a landfill somewhere and not properly treateddon’t buy those enviroment-friendly bags – because most likely you will forget you bought them and keep using plastic bagsdon’t ride a bike – the pollution will choke you to deathdon’t go to parks – because most likely you will litter. Admit it.don’t go on weekend trips to the countryside – imagine the energy used and the pollution causeddon’t buy books or magazines – the paper comes from somewhere, right? Unless you know for certain that it’s recycled.don’t piss of your friends – making people angry causes unnecessary use of energy, and can even cause more energy misuse: I don’t think using a chainsaw to cut people down constitutes fair use of energy.don’t make useless blogs – every computer usage for reading or writing useless blogs, like this one, eats up energy and increases our carbon footprint (as we still don’t have alternative energy sources in Jakarta). So log off, you sod!

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4 responses to “How To Tackle Environmental Problems In Jakarta”

  1. Narayan says :

    do some research!!this info is too seems like a child wrote this

  2. joebarry says :

    if it’s too basic, then why isn’t anybody doing it? :Dwhy so serious? 😀

  3. Bee says :

    ckckck ini mah kyk udh gk idup aja, ini-itu gk boleh hahaha

  4. joebarry says :

    @bee hahaha ya ya ya.but on a serious note, if we don’t change our lifestyles drastically, the environment is headed up s**t creek.just make sure you refer to a proper source for going green, and definitely not this blog, hahaha…

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