You’re Always On The Wrong Side

Jakarta has lately been legendary with its traffic jams, and with its throngs of motorcycles that gather together and move like locusts. With the most recent gasoline price hike, you’d think people would use their own vehicles less and public transport more… but nooo, all they did was keep the car at home and use a motorcycle.Now believe me when I tell you I have nothing against motorcycles and the people who drive motorcycles. Um… well maybe a bit, but more specifically to the motorcyclists who sacrifice everything for speed (disregard for safety comes to mind, of themselves and others). And I also don’t like those noisy, speed-hungry motorcycles which most often do not have headlights or any other light. And… oh well. I hate motorcycles, period.So come rush hour, when 3 years ago you only had to handle the occasional motorcycle overtaking cars recklessly, now you have to deal with the crowd of motorcycles, which at some point take up the whole right lane of a two-lane road (for the uninitiated, Indonesians drive on the left, like the English – they also curse like the English) to the point your car cannot move forward. Well, not only motorcycles, there’s always an overeager angkot, mikrolet or metro mini eating up the lane as well (if not trying to overtake you from the left over what is supposed to be the curb, if only by official status).So which ever side road you’re on, it always seems to be wrong, considering the amount of other vehicles pressuring you to move along.

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3 responses to “You’re Always On The Wrong Side”

  1. yodee says :

    i hate motorcycles more than anyone! whenever they take over my line recklessly i’d honk. and i keep my window crystal clear so they can see my finger when i’m shifting gear. when they got mad and want to pick up a fight… man, i’d be more than happy to kick their asses….

  2. cutepanda says :

    I presently drive a Toyota for its ubiquity of service stations..but next time I will try to get an Abrams 2nd hand maybe,… the appeal of the ubiquitous service stations has waned due to the behaviour of metromini and motorcycles… I believe they will not dare cut off a speeding Abrams..or taking a contra flow in the lane of the Abrams. If they do try and fail to do so, it is their own risk.. no risk to the Abrams.. Parking would be troublesome, but I think I am willing to trade that off with the peace of mind it provides while driving…

  3. joebarry says :

    @yodee hahahaha i feel you man. sometimes i wish i could install a paintball gun on my car to shoot at these motorcycles…@cutepanda tell me when you buy the Abrams, sounds like a good idea

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