I’m Looking At The Man In The Mirror

Hey you Facebook users, rather than joining groups like ‘I Bet I Can Find A Million People Who Hate George Bush’ (which has revised its target to 5 million, by the way), let’s get closer to home and join the group below:Benahi JakartaI know getting Jakarta together seems like a daunting task – remember when you were a kid, when your Mom told you to clean up your room, you didn’t know where to start? That’s Jakarta, friends, and the toys talk back of how they want things to be (and not necessarily in harmony with one another).I’m not a big fan of the Jakarta government, but if we keep throwing garbage down the loo and blame the government for the floods, nothing is ever going to get anywhere. So it’s up to each of us to make the change, Michael Jackson style.So back to the first question, where do we start? Maybe you’d want to clean up that desk of yours, for starters. Last week’s pizza crumbs won’t go anywhere by themselves. And the 1989 statistics for hula-hoop sales (shows a big downturn, eh?) wouldn’t really be much of a reference to today’s virtual pet stones. And for God’s sake, vacuum that carpet! At home, don’t use aircon unless you really need it – and the TV doesn’t have to be on all the time. Try to seperate your trash by recycleables and other stuff – it really does make a difference. Not that the stuff gets recycled, but the man rummaging through your trash will most likely make less of a mess if the interesting items are packaged separately. Use those new-fangled flourescent lightbulbs instead of standard ones – they use less energy and look a lot nicer.See? Starting with improving our own personal space… doesn’t really fix Jakarta in general, but at least we feel good about ourselves in a nice, clean office (or wherever).

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