Craning Neck Syndrome in Jakarta

As we have often read, many computer users suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome from the daily repetitive stress of using the mouse every day for hours at end. There seems to be a somewhat similar affliction rising up in Jakarta, called the Craning Neck Syndrome.This syndrome afflicts mostly commuters, mostly car drivers and motorcyclists. In jakarta’s overcongested streets, most drivers who spend a lot of their day in their vehicles travelling through traffic jams, often have a subconcious urge to go quicker and try to overtake any vehicle on the road, whether or not the gridlock permits or if there is an actual time or place they must get to quickly. The mental stress and the rising adrenaline levels cause one part of this affliction.The main part of this affliction is caused by repeated craning of the neck, usually to see if it is possible to overtake the vehicle in front, hence its name. Usually the head will be tilted sideways to the right, and from the combination of stress, rising adrenaline levels and the abnormal stretching of one side of the neck will cause neck pains during or after the ordeal of going through Jakarta’s traffic. A mental side effect of this affliction is the excessive use of the gas pedal, leading to reckless speeding once a vehicle can be overtaken. Studies show that daily repetitive actions of this habit will cause a mild injury to the neck and leave the head cocked ever so slightly to the right, and for the person to perceive body balance by leaning the body a bit to the right; i.e. a motorcyclist who is not sitting upright on his motorcycle, but leaning towards the right but still going straight, or mikrolet drivers who constantly lean their head to the right, even at bus stops.Remedy: unknown at this time; but experts recommend training mentally to be calmer during traffic jams, because the root cause is inherently psychological. And to not take seriously this kind of horses**t.


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