So When’s The Next ‘Special’ Date?

August 8th, 2008, or in numerals, 08-08-08. A special day for those who believe in luck through numerology or any other belief – hence the abundance of weddings today and other ceremonies of who-knows-what.The said date will also be remembered as the day of traffic jams – because of the number of weddings and other events wanting to take place on this day, perhaps every car in Jakarta went out and attended events.Oh joy.

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2 responses to “So When’s The Next ‘Special’ Date?”

  1. Aulia says :

    20 08 2008 should be the next one.

  2. TopiQue says :

    090909 , 20092009 , 101010 , 20102010 , 111111 , 20112011 ,121212 , 20122012. pokonya klo angka tahun paling belakang masi diantara 1-12, masi banyak deh tanggal special…

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