Horsing Around

A professor of mine once stipulated that Indonesians treat their motorcycles like horses. To rephrase, they ride a motorcycle like they would a horse; this is caused by the “jump” from colonial times using a horse as transport, to modern times with its motorcycles. Note that these behaviours are indicative of this theory:

  • you don’t ride a horse wearing a helmet
  • you don’t ride a horse with any lighting device
  • you stop your horse anywhere you please, and even sit on your horse when the horse isn’t actually getting anywhere
  • you race your horse when there’s a clean streak ahead!
  • you feed your horse diligently but you don’t care about the excretions made – that’s somebody else’s problem

Hence extrapolating from this theory, mikrolets and buses are analogous to horse-drawn carriages, hence the lack of proper suspension and seemingly uncontrolable.


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2 responses to “Horsing Around”

  1. yodee says :

    it’s because their minds don’t progress to the next level. it’s stucked and forever will be. simply not ready for the modernization, maybe we should bring back the horses… see if indonesians will do so much better when the horses are around hahahaha

  2. Aulia says :

    stucked eh? XD j/k

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